Monday, May 29, 2017

Sewing with Novelty Fabrics!

I simply can't resist hunting for little novelty prints for Sasha clothes!  (that's what the quilters call prints that aren't floral, stripes, etc.) They are harder to find than you might think because they have to be both small enough that the scale is correct, plus the designs have to be close enough together for Sasha's tiny clothes.

It seems like I end up sewing a lot of my vintage fabric collection, but I like to break out of the mold and make more modern styles, too, as you can see below.

As always, these are examples of what can be made.  These are sold, but you can order similar items from me anytime. I have 100's of novelty prints, so I can likely make something that goes with your interests.
Not sure you can see the fun little bumblebee printed top!  

Lobsters and crabs  (but the friendly sort!)

Seahorses in pink

Peace signs on the skirt with a leather yoke.  The peace sign on the top was made with little jewels.
Matching shoes and socks

A set made to match the logo from the movie "The Fault in Our Stars."

Polka dots and stripes with added metallic stars on the shirt

Shamrock fabrics with black bias accents

I had fun drafting this wrap dress pattern and choosing the bindings and trims.
The flower trim is larger than "proper proportion" would call for, but I think it works!

And another....

casual tops and leggings.  I had fun with these prints by adding tiny iron-on jewels
in the center of the flowers, on the dots, etc.  

A candy print and anyone who knows me, knows I do love candy!

spaceships and little Martian people!  I love this print!

fish printed boy's pajamas

"pleather" skirt "hemmed" with eyelets.
Just experimenting but I like the way it turned out!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Shoe colors!

Where do I begin on the leather colors I have available for shoes?!  It is a vexing problem for me.  Why? because I am continually adding new colors and using up the last of another color!  It's "ever evolving" it seems.  Let's not even add into the discussion my mediocre photography skills which makes accurate color representation challenging!  

What's the solution?  You can describe what you want and I can take some pictures of possible matches, OR you can even send a fabric sample if you have your heart set on a near-perfect match.  

OR: be adventurous!!  Everyone orders "practical" shoe colors, which does make sense, but you'd be surprised how many outfits you have that would work with "wild" colors, too! Sometimes that unexpected pop of color really makes the outfit!

Here are some pictures for examples of colors!

The upper left is what I affectionately call "lizard green."  It is actually metallic!

The center in the top row is a slightly metallic pewter color....really versatile!

Yes, leopard print leather!!  

The top row farthest right is metallic, shiny silver!  The blue in the front is no longer available, unfortunately.

I like textured leather!  The top left is green "alligator", the red top right is "ostrich."  The red center left is a mottled dark pink/red suede and next to it is a grey "squares."  The orange in the bottom right is an "orange peel" texture with an overlay of silver....really unusual!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spring Styles for Sasha!

Lately I have been catching up on orders and not posting fun pics to have a look at, so I thought I would remedy that right now!!  Here are more styles of clothes that I can make for Sasha.  Since so much of the fabric I use is vintage pieces, they end up being OOAK.  I can make these styles in equally elegant, fun or interesting fabrics from my....erm....*extensive*.... collection of fabrics.  All of these are currently SOLD, they are just examples of styles.  

Something a bit more modern than I usually make.  It is a dress made to look like a jumper!

A friend sent me this table runner, made by her grandma, to be turned into something for Sasha.  I barely squeaked it out of the piece!  This was the first time I had tried cutting crochet (hazardous, as it wants to ravel) and using it for a ruffle and it worked!  

Such a simple little style for Sasha yet so effective.  You probably can't exactly tell from the pic, but the sandals match the 2 colors of blueberries perfectly!  All set for her summer vacation in Maine!

A little yoke dress made from lobster print fabric with matching sandals.
This Maine vacation wardrobe was really shaping up nicely!!

This little dress is sheer English netting lace (antique, in this case) lined with Swiss batiste in yellow.
Because the netting lace is very expensive, the cost of this dress is a bit higher than normal.

This is a Sasha sized reproduction of a picture I was sent of a child.  I  copied it as closely as I could, right down to the blue shoes and white laces.  It was a mother's day present from the child in the pic (now grown, of course) to her Mom.  I hear that when Mom saw it, tears were shed!  Awwhh, I am pretty proud of that reaction!!

A very simple dress is all that was needed to highlight the extensive embroidery on this piece.
I did put some tucks in the bodice as it was looking a bit plain compared to the elaborate skirt here.

I couldn't believe that I could get an apron out of a hankie, but I had to try it anyway.  PS, the collar on this dress is fine, it was flipped up when I took the pic.  (sigh....I need lessons in photography....)

This WAS a very ordinary looking apron but boy oh boy, the fabric was fantastic!  It was very sheer, so I lined it with pale blue Swiss batiste.  I love a tiny hint of color under an otherwise simple white dress!

Don't overlook table napkins for doll clothes!!  The yellow plaid was one.  Note the use of the hemstitched border as the bands on the shirt front!  PS, I am not that great at lining up plaids, I just got lucky on this one lol!!

My ever-worried little Ruthie liked this dress (a former dresser scarf) so much and was afraid I would sell it and not let her keep it.  Who could "no" to that face, so it's hers.  Then she said she needed a blue slip and matching blue shoes.  She has me wrapped around her tiny little fingers, I swear!

Something for the babies!!  This little suit looks a bit funny when the doll is standing as it seems quite baggy.  Luckily, babies don't stand much and it is adorable when they are sitting!!  PS the buttons on the front are really sewn on straight, but my photography is crooked! 

These were some of the most unusual vintage pieces I ever found.  They were very sheer and used as little cocktail napkins, I guess.  The embroider was at the short end, which was a bit odd.  Instead of stitching them together, I just overlaid them on some yellow fabric so they float free at the ends.  The sash is imported French ribbon sewn together.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Studio Doll Clothes and Shoes!

I love making studio doll clothes!  I have only created a few patterns:  the basic yoke dress and apron, overalls and shirt, and farm girl blouse and skirt, plus bloomers, panties, and chemise.  I also make studio doll ankle strap shoes and also boots.  

The clothes you see below are SOLD, I have just shown them to give you ideas of what you might have made. I only make studio doll clothes and shoes on commission, I don't make them to have on hand to sell as everyone seems very specific about what they want for their studio dolls!  You can always contact me to explore what you might like to have made.

People sometimes send me clothing, linens etc. that have sentimental meaning.  If YOU don't have anything like that, not to worry!  I have a H-U-G-E stash of vintage linens and baby clothes.  I can make something for you and, who knows, it may become a sentimental favorite of yours!

I was sent antique baby clothes to be made into an outfit.  They were very delicate but I am extremely happy with the final result.  (and so is the client!)  She had some very specific ideas of what she wanted made and that is fine with me. I do my best to get it right.  Some people send clothes and say, "Do what you think is best" and that is fine, too!

My first time making a chemise with tiny vintage rickrack trim.  Normally the chemise and drawers would be plain fabric, but I was using antique baby clothes for the fabric, so these are quite "fancy!"

I was sent a blouse and a table runner to be made into clothes.  The edging was so pretty
that I tried to use it as much as I could!

I was sent a pillowcase to be made into a dress.  I normally discourage pillowcases as they can be stiff since they are tightly woven fabric.  This one worked out because it was quite soft.  Typically a yoke dress such as this would be about $50 depending on what details you would like.

Examples of overalls and blouses.  The overalls are 100% cotton corduroy and the blouses are !00% cotton fabrics. Overalls and blouses are $50 usually.

The farm girl outfit on a doll.  Typically it can have a blouse (long or short sleeve), 2 skirts, petticoat, apron, bloomers and a shawl or neck scarf.  I make them to coordinate so they can be worn a variety of ways. Depending on the number of pieces, the average price is about $65.

Long sleeve version of blouse (made of vintage fabric and closed with mother of pearl buttons), flannel bloomers, wool shawl, neck or head scarf made of vintage fabric.

A charming scene!  I wish these girls were mine but at least I get to see my clothes "in action!" (or inaction....these girls like to hang out!)

Charming (and well-dressed!) youngsters!

This young lady arrived with all original clothes except her Sweatshirt had gone missing, so I made a replacement.  I used a 100% cotton sweatshirt for the fabric!

I wanted to try the "bretels" dress and played around with "not typically Sasha" fabric!  Sophy seems to like it anyway!

Who says the little girls can't wear black?  This little one came without clothes but she has
very dark eyes, so maybe she was dressed in black originally?  We'll never know! 

Matching outfits for big and little girls!

Another view of a farm girl outfit.  The owner added the sweater (I don't knit!).

My photos don't look as nice since they are "flat" on a surface!  See below...

Such a pretty girl in her classic corduroy dress!

Overalls close up in client's fabric overalls and 100% cotton gingham blouse and vintage rickrack trim.

Vintage fabric dress with vintage-looking (but actually new) apron.  100% cotton gingham bloomers

One of the styles of studio doll shoes I made. I also make ankle strap shoes.

When is a napkin more than a napkin?  When it is an apron!  The dress underneath is
solid white but has a woven-in design which is a bit more interesting.

Reproduction of a studio doll dress from a museum.  Dress has a french cotton lace bodice, a vintage ribbon sash, a french lace trimmed petticoat and also bloomers.  I made the shoes, also.

Simple corduroy dress elevated with a few rows of smocking.  I made the shoes, also.

Reproduction of a studio doll dress.  100% cotton fabrics.

Another example of a farm girl outfit

Basic yoke dress with a client-supplied table runner. I thought the curved ends of the table runner made an interesting apron!  

Tablecloth make-overs! So much more fun than laying them on a table!